Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet

[Opening credits, white text on black]
– L’Inconsolable, first version
– Film by Jean-Marie Straub
– [Dialogue] Cesare Pavese
– [Cast] Giovanna Daddi, Andrea Bacci
– [Camera] Renato Berta, Christophe Clavert
– [Sound] Dimitri Haulet, Julien Gonzalez
– [Assistants] Barbara Ulrich, Arnaud Dommerc
– [Assistants] Giulio Bursi, Maurizio Buquicchio, Romano Guelfi
[End credits, white text on black]
– Music: Robert Schumann
– Editing: Catherine Quesemand
– Sound mix: Jean-Pierre Laforce
– [Production] Les Fées Productions, Sandrine Pillon, Lucie Portehaut, Florence Hugues
– Teatro Comunale di Buti
– La Fémis, Marc Nicolas, Frédéric Papon, Delphine Dumon, Gaël Blondet
– Straub-Huillet, Belva GmbH
– © Les Fées Productions 2011, visa n. 126 666

TEXT: Cesare Pavese, “L’inconsolabile” in Dialoghi con Leucò. Performed at the Teatro Comunale di Buti on September 3, 2010. PRODUCTION
DATES AND LOCATION: September 6–9, 2010, Buti.

CAMERA: Panasonic AG-DVX 100.

SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH by Misha Donat and Straub, IN GERMAN by Barbara Ulrich, Peter Kammerer, and Straub, IN FRENCH by Barbara Ulrich and Straub.

FIRST SCREENING: 2011 Locarno Film Festival (August); 2011 New York Film Festival, Views from the Avant-Garde (October 8).