Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet

FRANCE, HD, 4:3, COLOR, 2′
[Opening credits, white text on black]
– La Guerre d’Algérie!
– Film by Jean-Marie Straub
– Based on a story by Jean Sandretto (inexploré no. 23)
– Cast: Christophe Clavert, Dimitri Haulet

– Sound: Dimitri Haulet, image and editing: Christophe Clavert
– Sound mix: Jean-Pierre Laforce
– Assistants: Arnaud Dommerc, Barbara Ulrich, Giorgio Passerone
– Production: Andolfi, Belva Film
– Thank you Paul Denizot Shown preceding Kommunisten. MUSIC: Franz Schubert, “Der Erlkönig” (1815). PRODUCTION
DATES AND LOCATION: October 3–4, 2014, Jean-Marie Straub’s apartment, Paris. SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH by Ted Fendt and Straub. FIRST SCREENING: 2014 Viennale (October 31); Goethe-Institut, London (March 12, 2015); 2015 Festival du nouveau cinéma, Montreal (October 11).