Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet

WEST GERMANY, 35MM, 1.37:1, B&W, 18′
[Opening credits in German, white text on black]
– “Ein bildhaft abstrakter Traum, keine Geschichte. Jean-Marie Straub.”
[“A metaphorically abstract dream, not a story.”
– Handwritten]

[Black text on white]
– Atlas Filmverleih GmbH. presents
– A film by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub
– In the Cineropa-Film, Walter Krüttner Production
– Based on the story by Heinrich Böll “Hauptstädtisches Journal” [1957], published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch in the collection Dr. Murkes ge sammeltes Schweigen with the author’s permission
– Machorka-Muff
– With: Renate Langsdorff [Inn], Dr. Johannes Eckardt [Priest], Dr. Rolf Thiede [Murcks-Maloch], Günther Strupp [Heffling], Heiner Braun [Minister], Gino Cardella [Waiter], Julius Wikidal [Mason]
– Direction: Jean-Marie Straub, Assistance: Danièle Huillet
– Camera: Wendelin Sachtler, Assitance: Hans Christof Brüning
– Lighting: Franz Schinabeck, Sound: Janos Rozmer, Window Dressing: E.A. Luttringhaus
– Production Manager: Hans von der Heydt, Location Manager: Hansdieter Seel
– Editing: C.P. Lemmer
– Organ: François Louis, from his piece Permutations, 1957 Lead actor Erich Kuby (as Erich von Machorka-Muff) is uncredited. ADDITIONAL MUSIC: J.S. Bach,
The Musical Offering, BWV 1079, “Ricercar a 6.”

PRODUCTION DATES AND LOCATIONS: 10 days, September 1962, Bonn and Munich. BUDGET: 31,000 DM. EQUIPMENT: 1 Arri Blimp 120 camera, 1 Nagra. FILM STOCK: Kodak Double-X (6,000 m.)
FINAL LENGTH: 480 m. ENGLISH SUBTITLES by Herman G. Weinberg, FRENCH SUBTITLES by Danièle Huillet. FIRST SCREENING: 1963 Inter -national Short Film Festival Oberhausen (Febru ary; out of competition); New Yorker Theater (February 23, 1969); 1969 London Film Festival (November 18). TV PREMIERE: August 25, 1969 (ARD, West Germany).