Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet

GERMANY/FRANCE, 35MM, 1.37:1, B&W, 62′
[Pre-credit shot: pan over the orchestra and set]

[Opening credits, white text on black, in German]

– Von heute auf morgen

– Opera in One Act by Arnold Schönberg

– Conducted by Michael Gielen

– Libretto Max Blonda 1929

[Shot of a wall with graffiti: “Wo liegt euer Lächeln begraben?!” (“Where does your hidden smile lie?!”)]

– Film by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub, 1996

– Set Design: Max Schoendorff, J.-M.S./D.H.

– Camera: William Lubtchansky – Irina Lubtchansky, Marion Befve

– Lighting: Jim Howe, Barry Davis, Andreas Niels Michel

– Sound: Louis Hochet

– Georges Vaglio, Sandro Zamon, Klaus Barm

– Charly Morell, Hans-Bernhard Bätzing, Björn Rosenberg

[End credits, white text on black]

– Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra

– Husband: Richard Salter, Wife: Christine Whittlesey

– Child: Annabelle Hahn

– Friend: Claudia Barainsky, Singer: Ryszard Karczykowski

– Hair Dresser: Jutta Braun

– Music assistants: Till Drömann, David Coleman

– Film assistants: Rosalie Lecan, Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Arnaud Maillet

– Production: Straub-Huillet

– Pierre Grise, Martine Marignac

– In co-production with Hessischer Rundfunk

– Dietmar Schings, Leo Karl Gerhartz, Hans-Peter Baden

– Dedicated to Helga Gielen, Dieter Reifarth, André and Dominique Warynski

PRODUCTION LOCATION: Hessischer Rundfunk Studio, Frankfurt.

SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH by Huillet and Barton Byg, IN FRENCH by Huillet, IN ITALIAN by Huillet and Domenico Carosso. Released in France with Lothringen!, February 12, 1997; 1997 New York Film Festival (October).

TV PREMIERE: January 7, 1998 (HR III, Germany). English subtitled prints in the collections of the Pacific and Harvard Film Archives.