Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet


[Opening credits, black text on white]
– L’Institut National de l’Audiovisuel presents [in French; the rest of the credits are in Italian]
– A production by Danièle Huillet and Jean-Marie Straub
– With RAI-TV, Rete 2, Janus Film & Fernsehen and Artificial Eye
[White text on black]
– Dalla nube alla resistenza
– Texts by Cesare Pavese: Dialoghi con Leucò [Dialogues with Leucò], Einaudi 1947;
La luna e il falò [The Moon and the Bonfires], Einaudi 1950
[Black text on white]
– First Part [Titles preceding each dialogue]
– 1 The Cloud: Olimpia Carlisi, Ixion: Guido Lombardi
– 2 Hippolochus: Gino Felici, Sarpedon: Lori Pelosini
– 3 Oedipus: Walter Pardini, Tiresias: Ennio Lauricella
– 4 First Hunter: Andrea Bacci, Second Hunter: Lori Cavallini
– 5 Lityerses: Francesco Ragusa, Hercules: Fiorangelo Pucci
– 6 Father: Dolando Bernardini, Son: Andrea Filippi
[Title announcing the second part (shot 91), then an introductory shot, shot 93 is scrolling text]
– The Bastard: Mauro Monni, Nuto: Carmelo Lacorte, Cinto: Mario di Mattia, Valino: Luigi Giordanello, The Cavalier: Paolo Cinanni, People at the Bar: Maria Eugenia T., Alberto Signetto, Paolo Pederzolli, Ugo Bertone, Gianni Canfarelli, Domenico Carosso, Sandro Signetto, Antonio Mingrone, The Priest: Gianni Toti
[End credits, black text on white]
– Music conducted by Gustav Leonhardt
– Sound: Louis Hochet, Georges Vaglio, Transcription: Fono Rete
– Photography: Saverio Diamanti, Gianni Canfarelli, Processing and prints: LV Luciano Vittori
– Gaffer: Francesco Ragusa, Grip: Gianfranco Baldacci
– Assistants: Leo Mingrone, Isaline Panchaud, Manfred Blank, Rotraud Kühn;
– Vincent Nordon, Stéphanie de Mareuil, Paolo Pederzolli
– Hairdresser: Silvana Todero, Costumes: Cantini, Shoes: Pompei
[Blue handwriting on white]
– In memory of Yvonne without whom there would be no Straub-Films. J.-M. S.

MUSIC: J. S. Bach, The Musical Offering, BWV 1079, trio sonata “Sonata sopr’il soggetto reale.”

PRODUCTION DATES AND LOCATIONS: June–July 1978, 5 weeks in Maremme, Mount Pisano, Tripalle near Pisa, in the Langhe (Piedmont).

BUDGET: 200,000 DM.

SUBTITLED IN ENGLISH by Huillet, Misha Donat, and Gregory Woods, IN FRENCH by Huillet, IN GERMAN by Huillet and Andrea Spingler, IN DUTCH by Huillet and Frans van de Staak.

FIRST SCREENING: 1979 Cannes Film Festival, Un Certain Regard (May); Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley (February 5, 1980).