Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet

[Red handwriting on white in first version, blue in second version]
– For Barbara
[Opening credits, white text on black, in French]
– Le Genou d’Artémide
– Film by Jean-Marie Straub
– [Text] Cesare Pavese
– [Cast] Andrea Bacci, Dario Marconcini, Teatro Comunale di Buti
– [Producer] Martine Marignac, Pierre Grise Productions
– [Image] Renato Berta, Jean-Paul Toraille, Marion Befve
– [Sound] Jean-Pierre Duret, Dimitri Haulet, Jean-Pierre Laforce
– [Assistants] Arnaud Dommerc, Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Romano Guelfi, Giulio Bursi, Maurizio Buquicchio
– [Editor] Nicole Lubtchansky
– Blandine Tourneux, Frédéric Papon,Le Fresnoy
– [Music] Gustav Mahler
[End credits: white text on black]
– [Music] Heinrich Schütz
– Cine-Stereo/LTC Saint-Cloud
TEXT: Cesare Pavese, “La Belva” (“The Beast”) in Dialoghi con Leucò (Dialogues with Leucò). Performed as Il Ginocchio di Artemide at the Teatro Francesco di Bartolo, Buti, May 24–25, 2007.

MUSIC: Gustav Mahler, “Der Abschied,” from Das Lied von der Erde, conducted by Bruno Walter, soprano: Kathleen Ferrier. First version

SUB TITLED IN ENGLISH by Misha Donat and Straub, IN FRENCH by Jacques Bontemps, Bernard Eisenschitz, and Straub, IN GERMAN by Antonia Weiße, Barbara Ulrich, Peter Kammerer, and Straub.

FIRST SCREENING: March 15, 2008, Cinémathèque française; 2008 Cannes Film Festival, Director’s Fortnight (May 19); 2008 London Film Festival (October); 2010 Migrating Forms, New York (May 15).