Jean-Marie Straub et Danièle Huillet

[Opening credits, white text on black]
– À propos de Venise (Geschichtsunterricht)
– Film by Jean-Marie Straub
– With Barbara Ulrich
– Text by Maurice Barrès
– Image and editing: Christophe Clavert
– Sound: Dimitri Haulet
– Sound mix: Jean-Pierre Laforce, Gaël Blondet, La Fémis
– Assistants: Arnaud Dommerc, Gilles Pandel
[End credits, white text on black]
– Music by J.-S. Bach, conducted by Gustav Leonhardt
– Laboratories: Studio Orlando, Olivier Boischot, La Ruche Studio
– Coproduction: Andolfi, Belva Film The film closes with an excerpt of Chronicle of Anna Magdalena Bach, shot 37, performance of BWV 205.

TEXT: Maurice Barrès, Amori et Dolori sacrum – La mort de Venise (1903), extract from chapter 3.

PRODUCTION DATES AND LOCATION: October 12–14, 2013, Rolle, Switzerland.

CAMERA: Canon 5D.

SUB TITLED IN ENGLISH by Ted Fendt, Misha Donat and Straub, IN GERMAN by Johannes Beringer and Straub, IN ITALIAN by Giorgio Passerone and Straub.

FIRST SCREENING: 2014 Locarno Film Festival (August); Goethe-Institut, London (March 10, 2015).